Progressive Youth Organization-Kansas City
Serve The People-Kansas City
Kansas City Revolutionary Collective
Red Banner (MLM)
Hectic Dialectics
Revolutionary Alliance of Trans People Against Capitalism
Anakbayan (NY/NJ)
Fourth Sword Publications
The Immortal Science
Peripheral Thought
Libertas Lupus
Defend Our Hoodz/Defiende El Barrio-Austin
Any Means Necessary Collective
Three River Reds
Serve the People-Pittsburgh
The Blanquist
Maoist Communist Group
Red Guards-Austin
Serve The People-Austin
Industrial Workers of the World
Kansas City Anarchist Black Cross
Mass Proletariat
Serve the People-Charlotte
Queen City Maoist Collective
Red Guards-Los Angeles
Serve The People-Los Angeles
Tampa Maoist Collective
Defend Boyle Heights