Statement of Intent


“Freedom is the understanding of necessity and the transformation of necessity.” – Mao Zedong, Talk On Questions Of Philosophy


In our contemporary setting capitalism and liberal ideology are considered as immutable, having passed through the revolutionary challenges of the 20th century and come out “victorious”. In the 21st century the idea of a totalizing critique of capitalism, and a revolutionary movement bent on moving beyond it, is unthinkable to most. What passes for a ruthless critique in the era of late capitalism in which we live is a post-modern cultural analysis that confines itself to tracing competing narratives, analyses of localized struggles, and the construction of identities. However, the movements that have been been born from this philosophical approach have not led us one step closer to understanding the necessity of our condition, and through that understanding, to radically transforming our world through a mass emancipatory project.

The purpose of this blog is to understand, analyze, and critique the real foundations, both economic and ideological, of capitalist society so that we can begin to suss out the concrete reality in which we live and its operation. Primarily, this means focusing on history, politics, philosophy, and most importantly, theories of revolution from the standpoint of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Only through understanding the material world and the basic functioning of capitalist society can we truly posses the freedom to transform our world towards a liberated human community.